Nekoliko zanimljivih članaka

Za sve one koji vole pročitati nešto iz područja astronomije, ovdje mogu pronaći nekoliko zanimljivih članaka iz Nature i Physics Nature.

pdf Which moon to shoot for?
Planetary scientists have a rare chance to pick the destination for their next big mission. But will it be Titan or Europa? (Special report – Nature, 22.1.2009)

pdf Is there life on Europa?
BOOK REVIEWED – Unmasking Europa: The Search for Life on Jupiter’s Ocean Moon

pdf Shocking start for the solar system
In the 1970s, the hypothesis arose that our solar system was formed by a passing shock wave from a supernova, which triggered the collapse of an interstellar cloud into a dense region of gas and dust that further contracted to become the Sun and its orbiting planets…

pdf Signs of dark matter?
Two groups of cosmic-ray observers have reported unexpectedly large fluxes of high-energy electrons and positrons. Those excesses suggest either that there are undiscovered astrophysical sources such as radio-quiet pulsars surprisingly nearby or that the positrons and electrons are annihilation products of WIMPs—weakly interacting dark-matter particles hundreds of times more massive than the proton.

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